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Dr. Stephen C. Bizal, D.C.
Wellness Lifestyle Interventionist

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Health & Well-Being

xxThe Optimal Life™ Personal Health Success Stories

  • "I feel confident in recommending you to anyone who wants for more--more healing, health and wholeness.  You are an invaluable teacher as well as being a guide in my own path of creating and transforming my life. You are one of those rare individuals who not only ‘talks the talk’ but also, and, even more importantly,‘walks the walk’ ..." 
-Lauren Handel, Owner, Petunia's Consignment Boutique, Ardmore, Pennsylvania

  • "The most exciting aspect about my successful 100 pound weight loss is that after 36 years on the face of this earth you convinced me that I was important above all other things.  I realize now that all the money I spent on commercial weight loss programs was actually a waste."
-John Dunn, CEO, Marketing Resultants, Inc., Portland, Oregon

Wellness Leadership Training

xxThe Optimal Life™ Continuing Education for Health Professionals

  • “...thank you again for your wonderful seminar. I have not been so inspired ...since I was first introduced to NLP ...several years ago.  Thank you for inspiring us to be better human beings, better doctors and even better to each other. You are a valuable asset to our world.”
- Ann Clevinger, D.C., Manhattan Beach, California

  • "I have taken a few motivational, inspiring seminars like with Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar, read a few books like Deepak Chopra ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ and other books like ‘See You At The Top’. But, like I said it seems to all wear off too soon. I felt that you were the real deal, talked the talk and walked the walk."  
Sayel Fakhoury, D.C., Los Angeles, California