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Dr. Stephen C. Bizal, D.C.
Wellness Lifestyle Interventionist

The Optimal Life   ...become the master of your health destiny!
The Optimal Life


If it is true that we are comprised of mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical energy then any attempt to create optimal health and to maximize our human potential that does not embrace an understanding of the inter-connectivity of this mind-body-spirit-emotion relationship is a self-limiting paradigm, and doomed to fail at some point. 

The Wholistic Health Model© is the dynamic representation of the mind-body-spirit-emotion energetic relationship. Based upon this perspective, we can define the health of our physical body as merely the natural expression of spiritual, emotional and mental energy.


There are rules to the game of health. What are these rules? How do they work? These are not rules created by man but rather the Universal Principles (Spiritual Laws & Laws of Nature) that govern how we experience life and health on this planet. From this orientation, health can be described as the natural consequence of being in alignment with Spiritual Laws & Laws of Nature. Therefor, if we are suffering from illness and disease, the real challenge is to figure out how we are violating these laws, and then make the appropriate changes.


What does the body really need...those essential elements...the magic ingredients to achieve optimal health? It is possible to become pain-free, disease-free and medication-free...but only you can make it happen...and The Optimal Life  can show you how. Learn More...
Recognized for his gifts as a "people whisperer" and "intuitive" in the realm of healing & human relations, Dr. Bizal's intimate understanding of the human condition and his talents as a healer, teacher and communicator extraordinaire inspire others - in both their personal & professional lives - to create greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fulfillment.