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Dr. Stephen C. Bizal, D.C.
Wellness Lifestyle Interventionist

Get & keep you healthy & fit...when you are ready!

Health & Well-Being Programs

Become the master of your own health destiny under the direct tutelage of Dr. Bizal based upon     the Wholistic Health Model© and the Ten Principles of Wellness. Our mission is to provide you the education, tools and moral support necessary to develop the habits for well-being in all areas of your life and to create optimal health & vitality.   Based upon the empirical evidence, the same wellness lifestyle principles that prevent chronic degenerative diseases can reverse them as well!  

#1. The Optimal Life™ 30-Day Wellness Lifestyle Makeover...our signature program
A scientific approach utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic testing* that identifies the (1) chemical imbalances,     (2) hormone imbalances and (3) nutritional deficiencies present in all chronic degenerative diseases...with this information we then create your own personal wellness strategy based upon the latest scientific research on nutritional protocols for reversing and preventing these health issues. 

Diagnostic Testing* may Include:
  • Blood Chemistry
  • ​Metabolic Assessment
  • ​Saliva Hormone Assays (determine adrenal, thyroid, male & female hormones, GI Tract function)
  • ​Hair Mineral Analysis (to identify  heavy metal toxicity)
  • ​Daily food & eating habits analysis

*all diagnostic testing provided at doctor cost.

#2. The Optimal Life™ 1 to 5-Day Wellness Immersion...for  those special situations

​Change your habits...change your LIFE!  The ultimate wellness experience in the privacy of your home...anywhere in the world**. Become the master of your own health destiny under the direct tutelage of Dr. Bizal based upon the Wholistic Health Model© and the Ten Principles of Wellness. This A-to-Z wellness intensive "quick-start" program is designed specifically for those serious contenders who want to create greater health and vitality in their lives as soon as possible. If you are a peak performance fanatic...this customized program will take you to the next level! If you are suffering from any chronic degenerative disease and have arrived at a point in your life where you are finally willing to embrace a more natural approach to get healthy...this program will CHANGE your life!

**does not include travel & accommodation expenses.

Wellness Leadership Training

Wellness Certification for Healthcare, Human Resource & Insurance Professional
based upon The Optimal Life™ ideology, the Wholistic Health Model© and Ten Principle of Wellness.  Our mission is to educate & empower wellness leaders to create "Wellness Cultures" for a healthier America.  Learn More... www.WellnessCoachingInstitute.com
#1. Healthcare Professionals
This unique 16-hour certification course is designed for the health practitioner who desires to make the mental, emotional, clinical and financial paradigm shift from "sickness care" to "Wellness care"...the future of healthcare in America! Learn more...

#2. Human Resource Professionals
This series of 8, 16 and 24-hour certification courses are designed to help you, the human resource specialist - the foot-soldiers with the responsibility for rolling-out effective corporate wellness initiatives - or company owner create the "Wellness Culture" necessary to implement effective employee health and wellness strategies. to reduce employee cost/benefit ratios.  Learn more...

#3. Insurance Professionals
This 8 and 16-hour certification are specifically designed to prepare you, the health insurance specialist - as the "wellness change agent" - to assist the companies that you serve in implementing effective employee health benefits and wellness strategies. This is your opportunity to move beyond merely quoting rates. Learn more...